Off Trade Wine Preservation

  • You want to sell more exclusive and expensive wines;
  • You want to achieve higher shopper satisfaction;
  • You want to create higher supplier contributions;
  • You want to clear out your old stock faster;
  • Potentially, you want additional sales by selling taste sips;
  • Potentially, you want to create a higher customer loyalty by rewarding them.



An off trade wine preservation and serving system from By The Glass enables you to capitalise on all these benefits, while avoiding the associated risks.

  • Perfect serve: right temperature, no oxidation;
  • Controlled portions;
  • Minimum time consumption of store staff;
  • Neat impression;
  • Optional: access control;
  • Limited space allocation versus staff pouring wines;
  • Wine accounts for a significant share of beverage sales;
  • Wine can contribute significantly to the overall profits;
  • Wine represents an image of quality;
  • Your store can be the place where brand and consumer meet each other;
  • Exclusive wines gain share on the cheaper labels.

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