The Modular Wine Preservation System

The Modular wine preservation system has come from the experiences By The Glass International has gained worldwide in the last seven years.

The main difference with the Modular and the Standard models is the ability to start small, both in terms of space and investment. One unit contains a temperature zone for 2 bottles and is easily expandable to however many wines the user wants to serve by the glass. That’s what we call modularity!

The Modular was developed from the following list of requirements:
  • to be compact as possible;
  • easy to expand (modularity); the user determines how many wines by the glass he wants to offer;
  • excellent quality, professional appearance and suitable for any interior;
  • can be fully incorporated into a wall or cabinet (ventilation at the front);
  • as many as possible climate zones (each wine at its optimal serving temperature);
  • subservient in design to the bottles of wine inside the unit;
  • always pour the same amount of wine in various portions;
  • hygienic (easy to operate and easy to clean);
  • in terms of investment, the optimal calculation possible;
  • also suitable for wine lovers at home.