By the Glass® Standard

A Great Stage for your Wines!

Our high-grade stainless steel line of professional wine serving cabinets By the Glass® Standard offers a truly spectacular presentation for your wines.

Handcrafted to customer specifications with a brush-finish or optional color coatings and in sizes from 6 and up to 40 bottle positions, it comes with a variable 2-Climate-Zone Technology for changing proportions of red and white wines.

The cabinet is wide enough to dispense from large formats like Magnums, but you may also choose to keep a second row of bottles waiting for their turn at perfect serving temperature.

Cooling two climate zones and a large range of wines with just one performing compressor makes By the Glass® Standard one of the most economic professional wine serving systems available. What’s more the cooling engine can be mounted separately from the dispense unit to win space and balance.

Tailor-Made for Great Performances

Given its versatility and the many additional options like a transparent rear side with dramatic see-through effects and our multifunctional Wine by the Card technology you may claim that there is not much of a standard about our model Standard. Yet By the Glass® Standard has set a worldwide standard for its performance and reliability