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Pricing: The Standard

A wine serving system is available from only 55 cents per bottle position per day upwards.

Of course, more importantly, is that one should not look at what a product costs, but what benefit it provides!

The ‘By The Glass’ wine serving systems can be supplied to meet your personal and individual needs. Material, measurements, number of taps, zone-division for red and white wines, etc., can all be adjusted to your personal requirements. In addition, with the new Modular range, you have the option to start small and to expand your wine by the glass program in the future without having to buy a new machine. So time is on your side!

Nowadays, more and more wine merchants are willing to help their customers by investing in a wine serving system. They also see the many benefits of implementing a wine serving system. Ask your local distributor about the possibilities. We would be delighted to provide you with more information, without any obligation on your part. Please complete the contact form. We are at your service!