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The Standard wine dispensing system has the following technical specifications:

  • Available in high grade steel (whether or not painted in any RAL colour), or solid wood in various colours to fit into every conceivable interior decor;
  • Possible number of taps: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, or 20;
  • The system can be mounted to the wall or installed on a solid base;
  • The cooling motor is also a separate component which can be set up at a distance (e.g. in the storage unit or on the roof);
  • Electronic temperature controls with two individual climate zones for white and red wine;
  • Flexible climate zones; the partition wall can be easily moved to make changes in how many bottles of white and red wines you offer;
  • Energy-saving LED inner lighting;
  • Capacity for two bottles per tap, i.e. always an extra bottle available (and also available with only one bottle row if space is an issue);
  • Optional: a card reader for access control;
  • Optional: connection to the cash register;
  • Owns all international certificates;
  • One year guarantee for all components.